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Casa di Macchina Rossa

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* secret initiation meeting pending - (any members have a live goat and a fraternity paddle?)

Mickey Harrell Duncan, OK. Mickey is the Proud Papa of a 2018 Stelvio TI Sport. Benvenuto Mickey!

Kevin Moore Wichita, KS. Kevin has a rare 1971 1750 Spider Veloce - only made one year.

JD Merryweather Oklahoma City, OK. JD is the super-lucky owner of a1965 Sprint. Lots of ‘65s joining the club, eh?

KC Ganzkow Tulsa, OK. KC has a beautiful, slighty-modified, 1965

Giulia Berlina with a 2 Litre SPICA Injected powerplant. 

Donald Roberts Edmond, OK. Donald is the proud owner of a 1974 GTV. 

Jack Smith-Schick Oklahoma City, OK. Jack’s Alfa has a 1975 Something-? Eh, wha? just know it is an Alfa so he passes the first test

RSVP Claudia


Romeo & Giulietta

Prgresso Dinner

When & Where

16 Feb. 2019 

First stop Rick & Aurora Rutledge,

2728 S Aspen Ct, Broken Arrow

Hey Amanti! That time of year again, il giorno di San Valentino, the holiday we celebrate our love for our significant other and/or our bella machinna with our progresso dinner, 'EY?!! and it is Freakin FREE! Nada, niente, nothing! I’m talking senza costi!! - you will have to pay for your benzina and beverages of your lover’s and your choice (maybe some vino rosso?), but ehhh?! No problema... Gonna have the appetizers, soup & salad, main course and, of course, dolce dessert!! See yoos there!

RSVP - Claudia @

Appetizers: Rick Rutledge, 2728 S Aspen Ct, Broken Arrow

Soup and Salad: Evan Mackey, 1512 S Owasso, Tulsa

Entree & Dessert: Mama Shirley Quintero, 2938 E 56th Ct, Tulsa

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