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Casa di Macchina Rossa

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Mickey Harrell Duncan, OK. Mickey is the Proud Papa of a 2018 Stelvio TI Sport. Benvenuto Mickey!

Kevin Moore Wichita, KS. Kevin has a rare 1971 1750 Spider Veloce - only made one year.

JD Merryweather Oklahoma City, OK. JD is the super-lucky owner of a1965 Sprint. Lots of ‘65s joining the club, eh?

KC Ganzkow Tulsa, OK. KC has a beautiful, slighty-modified, 1965

Giulia Berlina with a 2 Litre SPICA Injected powerplant. 

Donald Roberts Edmond, OK. Donald is the proud owner of a 1974 GTV. 

Jack Smith-Schick Oklahoma City, OK. Jack’s Alfa has a 1975 Something-? Eh, wha? just know it is an Alfa so he passes the first test

"HEYYyyy Mannnnnn! I got the munchies!" Let's fire up our fine Italian lowridders and celebrate 4.20 with breakfast and fellowshippin' with AROCOK gang members at Jane's Deli.

RSVP - Claudia @

Tulsa Oklahoma Alfa Romeo Owners Club

Tulsa Oklahoma Alfa Romeo Club

alfa romeo owners club oklahoma

Oklahoma Alfa Romeo

Car Club Oklahoma


4.20 Breakfast at Jane’s

When & Where

20 April 2019 

Jane’s Deli

2626 East 11th Street

If you have any interest in new top installation, this one is for you!

Spider top tech session -  

April 27th/28th, put on by James & Jamie Perlingiere.

Address:  8110 N 170th E Ave, Owasso, OK 74055

Home Phone: 918-272-0913

Cell Phone: 918-289-4334


Saturday April 27th – 10am until 5pm

Sunday April 28th – 10am until finished


Lunch provided both days.

(please RSVP if you plan to be here for lunch so that we can get an idea of how many to feed)


Agenda for Saturday:

1. Strip existing top from the frame.

2. Detach the top from the car body.

*NOTE* there are many 8mm nuts holding the top to the car frame, beneath the rear window.

These may show signs of rust and be difficult to remove.You should spray them NOW –

after reading this email.  Don’t wait until you get here.  Use penetrating oil (WD-40, Liquid Wrench, etc.).

We need to make sure they will come off without breaking the studs.

They will be under a vinyl cover beneath the rear window.

3. Remove the rubber gasket on the top header.

4. Remove the gasket channel from the header.

5. Clean and check the frame, header, gasket channel, cables, etc.

6. Paint and lubricate the frame.

7. Install the top on the header.

8. Let the header glue set overnight.


Agenda for Sunday:

1.  Complete the header installation – install the gasket channel, install the header gasket, etc.

2.  Reattach the top to the car body with numerous 8mm nuts, taking care not to break any of the studs.

3.  Wrap the top frame main struts.

4.  Wrap and glue the top bows.

5.  Install the top adjustment cables.


*NOTE – Please buy a replacement front gasket. 


*NOTE - We recommend Robbins tops with pre-drilled holes below the rear window.


*NOTE – We have several usable top frames with hardware, so if we find any missing or defective parts

on you top, we have you covered (Get it?  Covered?)


Please call James with any questions of concerns…



See ya at Jane’s...