Tulsa Oklahoma Alfa Romeo Owners Club

Tulsa Oklahoma Alfa Romeo Club

alfa romeo owners club oklahoma

Oklahoma Alfa Romeo

Car Club Oklahoma


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JD Merryweather Oklahoma City, OK. JD is the super-lucky owner of a1965 Sprint. Lots of ‘65s joining the club, eh?

KC Ganzkow Tulsa, OK. KC has a beautiful, slighty-modified, 1965

Giulia Berlina with a 2 Litre SPICA Injected powerplant. 

Donald Roberts Edmond, OK. Donald is the proud owner of a 1974 GTV.

Jack Smith-Schick Oklahoma City, OK. Jack’s Alfa has a 1975 Something-? Eh, wha? just know it is an Alfa so he passes the first test


13 January, 2018

RSVP Eileen


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Planning Meeting

‘eh! Paisano! Come and make yoos freakin’ voices heard and magia on some good freakin’ bene gabbagool chili. Wees gotsta planning meeting for 2018 calendar year and if you don’t ta show up and tell us whatcha wanna do, welllll, eh! than I don’t wanna hear no cryin’...yoos got that?! 2017 was good but lets make 2018 great! Yoos hear me yoos OKC Members?!

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